Languages I Use The Most

Stothart Skill Cloud

I have learned a number of skills that have aided me with my research. I describe some of these skills on this page.

You can find code samples from a few of my projects on GitHub.

Eye Tracking

I use eye tracking in my research primarily to understand how attention is allocated across space. I also use it to program gaze-contingent events in my experiments. For example, the video to the right shows a display where moving squares turn red if the participant looks at them. I programmed this with pygame, pylink, and an EyeLink 2K eye tracker. You can find the code for this task on GitHub

Gaze Contingent Event

Computer Animation

Most of my research involves computer animation. These animations range from simple displays with objects moving in random directions to small video games. For example, in a study whose results are published in Acta Psychologica, I used a video game to study how the consequences associated with an unexpected object predicts that object's probability of capturing attention. I programmed this game in JavaScript and participants played it online using their own computers. The video to the right shows a short clip from the current version of the game. You can find the code for this game on GitHub

Video Game

Driving Simulation

As a graduate student, I conducted numerous experiments using a NADS MiniSim driving simulator (pictured on the right) and its proprietary software. Most of these experiments were human factors studies contracted by the Florida Department of Transportation, and they looked at issues surrounding cognitive aging, road device visibility, and driver attention.

Driving Simulator
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